My First Craft Fair, a short story.

Hello everyone!

I had my first craft fair a few weeks ago at Waunafest in Waunakee WI.  I am a company called Fulfill Your Bead and I make and sell handmade jewelry and some crocheted items.  I am also available on ETSY.  I’m overall very happy with how things went.  I set my goals pretty attainable, so they were met and exceeded!  Sold a few things, made a few dollars, and learned a lot.

First thing I learned, crafters are your friends.

I met some wonderful craft neighbors.  I was able to have help in my booth, my husband and my mom, but if I didn’t my craft fair neighbors would have been a GOD send.  They were wonderful people.  On one side, I had an older gentleman who made and sold large fishing lures.  Him and his wife were very nice and offered great conversation and advice.  On the other side, I had a seasoned craft fair seller. She made and sold fleece, hand loomed, rugs.  I even bought one from her at the end of the day and I must say, “I LOVE IT!”  These two vendors offered to watch my stand and I offered the same to them. It’s very important to get to know your neighbors and to work with each other.  Although I don’t have any fishing jewelry, I was able to help send some of the “husbands, boyfriends, brothers” over to the fishing lures and in return get some “wives, girlfriends, sisters” to come see my stuff.  It’s a two-way street and that sure helps get things sold.  These two sure helped make for a fun day.

Second thing I learned, your family and friends are always your best customers.

A special thanks to my friends and family.  It was awesome to see so many of you that came out to see the craft fair.  Checking out my jewelry and buying some, was a real blessing.  Here are a few of the items I sold!

multi colored bracelet
Blue and silver heart dangle earrings
hoop earrings with wood and metal beads

Sometimes having a few eyes already checking things out creates a sense of want.  If a craft vendor is busy, that is a good sign.  Other craft goers will become interested and wonder why so many people are at your stand.  However, the other very important thing I learned, do NOT let it get too crowded.  When I had a busy crowd go through it was hard for me to give my attention to the person purchasing goods, while still allowing room for people to look and possibly decide to buy.  I think a good way to keep things moving is to make sure your friends and family come around to the side or completely out of your tent to socialize and only stay inside the vending area when purchasing their items.  As for how to keep customers in and purchasing at the same time, I think a display with multiple exits is best.  It’s not a store, it’s most likely a tent and or a few tables, make it a nice flow, in and out.  Easy access seems to be the best way to attract customers.

Third thing I learned, display, display, display!

I had a decent display.  I say decent because I think I l can improve it.  I had some height but I think it should have been in the back to really draw people in.  And I had this beautiful piece to display necklaces on.  But it was a little too beautiful. Make sure your items are the best things on display.  Don’t let the pieces holding up your items take the spot light.  I also had some crocheted goods that were sort of hidden.  Scarfs and hats in baskets do not sell.  People need to see the items.  You have a matter of seconds to convince your customer to come into your area.  Then you have a few more seconds to catch their eye again and keep them interested and moving.  Create a display that is engaging and keeps them moving through.  Don’t let the excitement stop half way through your items.  Keep the flow and give them easy access.   Don’t let the customer get stuck and feel “sucked” into your space.  Give multiple entrances and exits.  Keep it open and airy. Let people come in and out as they please.  You will be surprised how many stay to buy.

I hope you all enjoy your next craft fair.  And don’t be afraid of it.  I was so excited to do it and I did it and I feel amazing.

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