I’m up and running with social media!


I am so excited to say “HI” again!  I officially started my business and have made a few sales!  I cannot wait to see what the next step brings.

This post is mostly a “little happy dance” so to speak and an intro into what I have out there.  I now have my Fulfill Your Bead on Etsy!  Fulfill Your Bead can also be found on Pinterest and Instagram and Facebook.  I’m working to learn the social media aspect of business.  So far it has been instrumental to getting the word out there about me and my shop.  What I like about each one so far:

I like my Facebook site because I can let all my friends know about my new listings and all my fun updates.  The best part about that is that they are mostly my friends and family.  My friends can send my posts to their friends and family and I can have a better idea of who gets to see my items and what they might like.  Besides my friends have great taste.  I bet yours do too.  What a great way to get the right customers to YOUR business.

Loving Pinterest!  I actually liked Pinterest for a while.  I got a lot of my jewelry inspiration and my Etsy creation help from Pinterest.  What a great place to find blogs and pics and general DIYS.  Really anything you want to check out.  It’s a fun way to search for new ideas and refreshers on old ones.  Pins are a quick highlight of what you do best.  Then a convenient link to let people find you easily.  Make your life a little easier and let your pictures do the talking.  A picture it worth a thousand words right?

What about Instagram?  Well I’ll be honest.  I don’t really know that much about Instagram yet.  Don’t get me wrong I love it.  I love sharing my new pics and my new creations and seeing others.  Mostly I think its perfect to give that background look at creations. It’s perfect for those behind the scenes events. For me I’m not sure how best to use instagram.  However, I think others use it wisely to show things their customers might not see.  Showing off that creative process through a collage of little updates.

Overall, I’m super excited. I’m up and running as a shop and I’m really glad I’ve opened up to all the social media options out there.  I’m really excited to see what the future has in store for Fulfill Your Bead!

I hope you continue to enjoy my creations and wearable art!

Baltic Amber wire wrapped earrings

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