Fulfill Your Bead logo on a sample packaging brown box

Fulfill Your Bead is a brand looking to spread the love and enjoyment that comes form handmade goods. Imagine wearing a unique piece of jewelry made just for you, or snuggling in a blanket just your size. I strive to make things that can enhance your life by bringing enjoyment, individuality, and comfort.

My jewelry is one of a kind with few pieces that are ever the same. I love the opportunity to offer uniqueness to every individual. I currently sell my handmade jewelry on my Etsy shop.  I enjoy using stones to create a sense of well being and include what each stone represents in my product description.  Some jewelry is simply created with chain and glass beads.  While these pieces may not have the power of the stone in their creation, they still have inspiration and meaning.  Each piece is not just jewelry but a uniquely created piece of wearable art.

Crocheted goods are made from the finest of yarns. Always wearable and snuggleable. Soft and cozy scarfs and hats for cold fall and winter days. Don't let the cold limit you, maybe that airy handmade blanket is the perfect cover on a summers night.

Fulfill Your Bead, unique beauty for your everyday.  I hope you enjoy the love and comfort that comes from my handmade crafts.